Pre Cut Wad/Liner Inserting Machine

240m wad inserting machine

Depending on the closure/ cap design we can select from our array of cap feeders & cap transfer belts. The basic principal of our standard wad/liner inserting machines is to utilize a rotary indexer fitted with a star wheel to receive cap & closures in single or multiple lanes depending on the production needs of the project.

Each cap is fed into an individual pocket in the star wheel in order to maintain positive location while it moves through the machine. We have designed & developed several liner/wad inserting stations with Single Head, Double Head & Four Head.

These heads use vacuum to pick and place precut liners/wads from a magazine into the cap.

All our machines can be used for inserting Induction as well as EP liners. Several optional value added features are available to enhance production quality.

Models- 140 M (speed: 40-60 CPM), 240 M (speed: 80-120 CPM), 240 B (speed: 80-120 CPM) and 440 M (speed: 160-200 CPM).

Optional Features:
1. Cap Feeding Arrangements

Rotary Feeder
Rotary Feeder
Cap Elevator
Cap Elevator
Vibratory bowl feeder
Vibratory bowl feeder

2. Sensor Arrangements
No Wad, Reverse Wad, Batch Counter and Product Counter.
3. Hot Melt Applicator
Hot Melt Applicator
4. Vision Inspection Systems
Vision Inspection Systems
5. Cold Glue
Cold Glue

Roll Feed Wad/Liner Inserting Machine

Roll Feed Wad/Liner Inserting Machine

The caps are filled into the hopper in large quantity and will be fed to the elevator and then the elevator feeds the caps to the unscrambler. This unscrambler rotates at a high speed and feeds the cap to the in feed conveyor. Before entering into in feed conveyor the reverse caps are rejected and the caps with cavity facing upwards will be fed through in feed conveyor to the cap indexing mechanism. While the caps are indexed the wads (liners) are punched and then plunged into the caps through punch and plunger mechanism.

The wads are roll fed and for each index wads are punched and plunged into caps depends on the production rate you can choose for 1up, 2up and 3up punching configuration. Since the production rate is very high the caps before entering to infeed conveyor gets accumulated in a turn table accumulator so that the caps are fed to a conveyor at constant rate.

Once the caps are inserted with wads they come out through exit conveyor and gets collected in collecting bin. The production rate for machine 150 - 500 Caps Per Minute.

Models- 1 UP, 2 UP and 3 UP.

Closure Type: