Cap Assembly Machine

240m wad inserting machine

Sigma CapSeal is a leading name in the packaging industry known for providing consistent and quality solutions. Our cap assembly machine> is one of the many unparalleled quality products that we have on offer. Based on your needs, we can customize the cap assembly machine to give you maximum business benefits.

Our cap assembly machineis a sturdy combination of reliable engineering and modern-day automation. You can have a single, double or four-station cap assembly machine. The machine can assemble multi-piece closures at the rate of 120-140 caps/minute based on the cap geometry and size.

We offer several types of cap assemble machines like

  • >> Disc Top Cap Assembly Machine
  • >> Push-Pull Cap Assembly Machine
  • >> Eye Drop Cap and Ring Assembly Machine
  • >> Rectangular Cap Assembly Machine

Here are some tangible benefits offered by these machines:

  • >> Quick speed to ensure higher production rate
  • >> Sustainable machines that will last for years
  • >> Adjustable line speeds based on your business needs
  • >> Robust and sturdy design that can handle stressful industrial environments
  • >> High productivity that will show in your revenue and profits

Optional Features

Rotary Feeder
Rotary Feeder
Cap Elevator
Cap Elevator
Vibratory bowl feeder
Vibratory bowl feeder

Vision Inspection Systems
Vision Inspection Systems

Industries we serve

  • >> FMCG
  • >> Healthcare
  • >> Beauty care
  • >> Pharma
  • >> Plastic moulding
  • >> Cosmetics

Closure Type

filp flop
Custom solutions that meet your business requirements precisely

We have been in the industry for more than 45 years and have served businesses in domestic and foreign markets. With research and development at the core of our solutions, we can customize our machines based on your exact requirements.

We have dedicated research and development teams and have a company strength of more than 250 experts who work on cutting-edge solutions.

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