Induction Cap Sealing Machines - Sigma Capseal

With over 45 years of experience in the domestic and international market, Sigma CapSeal a brand of Electronics Devices Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. has become one of the leading induction cap sealing machine provider in packaging industries with several innovative solutions for fast-moving consumer goods. We pay close attention to the research and development and employ over 250 well-trained experts. Our induction cap sealers are exported to over 85 countries.

At Sigma CapSeal, we are primarily engaged in the designing and manufacturing of induction sealing machines. These machines create a hermetic induction seal which is used to protect the content from damage, inhibit all kinds of leakages, and provide tamper resistance.

We have a wide range of cap sealing machines ranging from hand-held sealers (manual) to the heavy-duty inline cap sealers (automatic).

With our years of expertise we can customize induction cap sealers according to your requirements.

We shall ensure that our induction cap sealing machine is responsible for safeguarding your products, enhance your efficiency and thus maintain a good reputation in the market.

Our sealing machine is widely used in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, food and beverages, petro chemicals, agro chemicals, confectionary and numerous other packaging industries.

Thus, we offer you high-quality induction cap sealers for all your production requirements. Our induction cap sealing machines are also ideal for laboratory use.

With our years of experience, Sigma CapSeal has proved to be one of the preeminent induction sealing machine manufacturers as each machine has been designed with the best quality materials to ensure its durability and to guarantee excellent performance.

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