Sigma Neo 65

Sigma Neo 65 is our latest automatic induction sealing machine launched under Sigma Neo Series which comes with IP 65 Controller. Sealing output is 12 meter/min (*Depending on Bottle & Cap Size)

Sigma II Neo

Customers can choose from a standard flat sealing head, tunnel sealing head or a customized sealing head for almost any closure design including CRC caps, Dome caps, Sports caps(spout caps), Snap-On caps etc.

The built-in casters provide added mobility to be moved from one line to another.

If you have a product filled in a container, No matter what shape & size, we will seal it at your desired line speeds.

  • Enclosure: Air tight, water tight, zero ventilation
  • Power rating: 1.5 kW
  • Zero defect, no under sealing or burning prospect.
  • Improved distribution of reduced power loss.
  • Innovative induction coil (head). Superior coil design to seal cap diameter 20 mm-120 mm
  • Maximum Conveyor Speed for sealing 12 meter/ minute ( Depending on Cap Diameter and Bottle dimension)
  • Compact machine.
  • Maximum Ambient temperature machine can be operated at 45 degree Celsius
  • Input : 230V ±10% V AC, Single Phase 50/60 Hz
  • Max Line Speed : 12meter/minute (*Depending on cap and bottle size)
  • Cap Size : 20mm to 120mm
  • Net Weight :85 Kg
  • Dimensions : 1650mm(H) x 755mm(W) x 895mm(L)

This system has many optional value added accessories like

  • No Foil / No Cap Sensor
  • Product Count / Reject count
  • JAMM Timer
  • Power save Timer
  • Audio/Visual Alarm : 3-colour tower light with Buzzer
  • Total Bottle counter
  • Auto rejection system