Speciality Chemicals

Until the early 1980’s chemicals were packed in bottles/jerry cans with close seals as the only mode of protection. However, it had its own challenges as it could not give 100% guarantee against leakages. Induction Sealing plays a vital role in providing tamper proof and protect against leak to the overall package.

Sigma Capseals Induction Sealers have been used in several plants manufacturing various specialty chemical like Floor Cleaner, Ink & Toner, Industrial Fabric Wash, Room Freshener, Graffiti Cleaner, Liquid Detergents, Construction Chemicals, etc.

We have sealers available for almost all line speeds offering consistent seals that are performing continuous duty operations day after day.


  • Floor Cleaner
  • Construction Chemicals
  • Industrial Fabric Wash
  • Room Freshener
  • Graffiti Cleaner
  • Ink & Toner