Flip Top Cap Closing Machine

Sigma CapSeal is an industry leader offering reliable packaging solutions to businesses worldwide. Our flip top cap closing machine is one of the several packaging machines we have. We deliver customizable machines so that you get the output that matches your business needs.

Our flip top cap folding machine combines automation and reliability to give you the best value for your money. Here are some tangible benefits offered by this machine that can close the flip of any shape or size cap.

  • >> The flip top cap closing machine can handle various shapes of caps.
  • >> It can also handle different diameters of caps.
  • >> The line speeds remain customizable and can get adjusted based on your business requirements.
  • >> The quick cycle time ensures production gets done faster that leads to improved business output.
  • >> It is a sustainable solution and will hardly require any maintenance.
  • >> The machine has a robust design that will withstand harsh industrial environments.
  • >> It is also very versatile and user-friendly.

Best-in-class solutions for your packaging needs

Our flip top cap folding machine performs several intricate closing functions. These become possible with the help of repeatable and highly efficient techniques. During the production stage, the flip top caps get dumped into a vibratory bowl feeder. You can even collect them in a mold output by a connected conveyor. It will directly transfer the flip open caps to the vibratory hopper.

The bowl feeder would then adjust the caps in a manner that matches the machine configuration. The output speed remains 80-120 caps per minute. The accessories in this flip top cap closing machine include a vibratory bowl feeder, PLC control system, and closing system.

Industries we serve

  • >> FMCG
  • >> Healthcare
  • >> Beauty care
  • >> Pharma
  • >> Plastic moulding
  • >> Cosmetics

Closure Type

filp flop

Custom solutions to skyrocket your business

With more than 45 years of industry experience, we have served both domestic and foreign businesses. We give a lot of importance to research and development. Based on your exact packaging requirements, we can customize our machines.

We have a dedicated team of research and development experts who create industry-proven solutions. With more than 250 packaging experts, we are well-placed to offer your reliable solutions. Our flip top cap closing machine is ideal for varied cap designs with different hinge styles and latching features.

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