Sigma Flex is specifically designed for laboratory use or batch production. This induction cap sealer is small in size and can be operated from a table top. It is also reliable to be operated for 24 hrs.

Due to its light weight, it offers great portability. Sigma Flex is compact, but its advanced electronic design enables users to seal from cap 20mm to 120mm diameter with a single sealing head.

This bottle cap sealer is ideal for start-up operations, manual production and offline testing. Sigma Flex can be plugged into a standard, single phase 230 VAC ± 10% power outlet and is ready to operate. The timer can be set to the number of seconds required by your container for an effective seal.

Sigma Flex is simple to use, just follow the following steps:

  • Simply place the handheld sealing head on the container's cap and press the switch on the handle of the sealing head.
  • The countdown timer begins and the induction field is generated into the cap. Check the first few containers for seal quality.
  • If required, adjust timer and cap torque until a perfect seal is achieved.
  • Once this setting for a perfect seal is achieved it can be repeated for a consistent production run.

Our heat induction sealer comes with a convenient case to be carried virtually anywhere for your portable induction sealing needs.

With over 45 years of experience in the packaging industry, our R & D team has many opportunities to apply Induction Sealing technology for various container shapes and sizes. As a result, customers can choose from a standard flat sealing head, tunnel sealing head or a customized induction sealing head for almost any closure design including CRC caps, Dome caps, Sports caps(Spout caps), Snap-On caps etc.

Ease of operation and reliable performance are only a few reasons, why the Sigma Flex is preferred by factory managers and packaging engineers.

If you have a product filled in a container, No matter what shape & size, we will seal it at your desired line speeds.

  • Portable
  • Digital Soft Touch Membrane Control Panel
  • Coax Cable
  • Digital Up / Down Timer
  • User Friendly
  • Continuous Use - 24 x 7
  • Versatile
  • Fast, easy set-up

Sealing Capacity (Avg. Output): 6 - 8 bottles / minute.

  • Input : 230 V AC ± 10%, Single Phase, 60/50 Hz
  • Sealing Capacity : 6 - 8 bottles per minute
  • Cap Size : 20 mm - 120 mm
  • Net Weight : 8 Kgs / 18 lbs
  • Dimensions : 13" (W) X 20" (D) X 6" (H)