Why Choose Us?

In 45 years, Electronics Devices Worldwide Pvt.Ltd, has become one of the leaders in Induction Sealing Technology, with several innovative sealing solutions for fast-moving consumer goods.

A strong team of 250 plus employees having its culture revolving around quality and service, the company has well invested in Research & Development and rapid global footprint to become a world player. Today, it offers the widest range of sealers on the market, with exports to over 85 countries.

  • Our sealing machine is multipurpose which implies that you shall have tamper-resistant packaging. Moreover, our induction sealing machine prevents the spilling of liquids while being shipped.
  • Our machines are reliable, and they quicken the process of induction sealing so that your products can stay away from pollutants, and their shelf life is extended. It also provides adequate pilferage protection to your goods.
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